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Cheryl Buehring


Award-winning artist, Cheryl Buehring, is one of about a dozen people around the globe that makes coffee painting their primary expression of creativity. Cheryl is identified as the "Kona Coffee Artist" due to her years of living in Kona and her enjoyment of painting with Kona Coffee, grown only on The Big Island of Hawaiʻi.

A native of the Seattle area, Cheryl lived in Kailua-Kona over a six-year span following high school. While there, she met and married her husband, Dave, and together they have two adult children, Ryan (born in Kealakekua) and Malia - and four grandchildren! They resided have in the beautiful hills of Franklin, Tennessee for the last 28 years, while still regularly spending time in Kona. 

Cheryl first picked up painting as a teenager and over the years has grown into a professional coffee watercolorist. Along with coffee, she’ll periodically add a splash of color to her sepia-toned artwork. She has taught coffee art classes, has displayed her paintings in a gallery in Kona, as well as in Starbucks and various coffee shops, and her unique artistry has been featured in several periodicals throughout the country. Cheryl's painting, Big Island Church, won the First Place Blue Ribbon at the 2014 Kona Coffee Festival Art Competition. 

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